Welcome to the Internet

Welcome to the website of jeph Heavy Industries, also known as a site for personal web projects of Jeff Kody. I like to spend time on developing web applications large and small. For instance, there's my site called foodfiner that lets you find the best restaurants and dishes near you. Also, I'm always working on goofy side projects.

A couple of things about this latest site revamp.

  • I've taken down the Aftertaste articles. I may add them back if I can find a decent API-based CMS tool (not a portal). If not, I might write one down the line.
  • The Temporary Insanity and Lumberjacks tunes are down for now. I'll put them back up if anybody asks.
  • The TI videos are gone from here, but are alive and well on YouTube
  • The converstaion AI (alice bot) is gone for now...I may get back to that at some point.

Have fun on the site.